What is Obsidiana COMPAC?

With Obsidiana COMPAC We reinvent surfaces by creating a new category: sustainable surfaces. And it’s done in true COMPAC style. Adding beauty to the Ethical Beauty philosophy.
Obsidiana are the first surfaces created using up to 100% recycled glass, with the same features as the others and with the level of finish and beauty fitting of COMPAC.

Slab of COMPAC Obsidiana Volcano Pearl
PropertyUnits of measurament
Fire reaction
UNE-EN-ISO 9239-1:2002 & ISO 1716:2002
EuroclasssesA2fl s1
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion
UNE EN 14617-11
ºC-11,2 x 10-5
Flexural strength
UNE EN 14617-2
MPa40 – 60
Scratch resistance
UNE EN 101:1984
Impact resistance
UNE EN 14617-9
Jmin 2,8 (12 mm)
min 5,5 (20 mm)
Slip resistance
UNE EN 14231: 2003
USRVPolish: 5 wet / 40 dry
Matt: 10 wet / 55 dry
Abrasion resistance
UNE-EN 14617-4
mm29 – 32
Water absorption
UNE EN 14617-1
%0,04 – 0,06
Apparent density
UNE EN 14617-1
g/cm32250 – 2350
Chemical resistance
UNE EN 14617-10
C4C4 (material keeps at least 80 % of the reflection reference value after 8h of basic attack)

The values in this data sheet are only typical values and not vinculant. For more information or test reports please contact our quality department.



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